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Art Alive

Church buildings are full of art created and crafted over the years to express faith and celebrate skill.  Our walls echo with music, and resonate to the prose, prayers and poems of our worship.   Art is still alive today in St Michael’s.  As we respond emotionally to the call of Jesus we are inspired to create new works.


Art is a way of communicating through all our senses:-

The perfume of a flower arrangement ;

The feel of a carving;

The melody of music ;

The rhythm of poetry;

The telling of a story in prose and picture;

The taste of homemade food.

Our artistic communications are for sharing - privately with God and publicly with those around us.  Our inspiration grows out of prayer, technique and time. There is a time to allow colour, shape, texture, smell, music … to flood our being.  A time to enjoy the richness of materials in the world around us in many different ways: from knotting to knitting; whittling to waxing.

Above all there is:

A time to listen and a time to look; A time to feel and a time to reflect;

A time to respond and to give thanks for glory of God.

So, look out for opportunities to share in creative projects and/or suggest them yourself.


Recently between us we have made banners for Easter, a macramé cross, items to sell for charity in our Fayres, festival flower arrangements, and costumes and artefacts for ‘Open the Book’.  There is no one specific group. Instead there are interested individuals operating solo or coming together project by project.  

Ideas in the air are Harvest Banners; a dedicated Craft Fayre with demonstrations; celebration art for our Patronal Festival; Christian conceptual art to challenge our thinking; 3D items as a focus for reflection through touch; a regular Sewing/Knitting/Craft Bee to enjoy each other’s company and support.

If you have ideas and/or want to join in with others, please make contact via

the Group  Office on (01531) 631531 or email.